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Want to learn to Program in Python? Why not have a whole lot of fun while doing it!

My reddit post on learning Python by implementing computer games has over 300 upvotes! I do agree that programming should be fun and that learning from games is way more fun that a dry textbook. Of course, later you would want to learn from these legendary text: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs – Python […]

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“a” means no

According to TJ. “a” means no.

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Haxe for Windows download

If you’re stuck at work and is blocked “for your security”, then this download is for you my friend!.  

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The necessary zend_extension line could not be found in the configuration.

Part Zero of this puzzle: You cannot simply copy 00-ioncube.ini to the directory they tell you to. You must symlink it from /etc/php5/mods-available into /etc/php5/fpm/conf.d  Part One The first part of this puzzle has been solved after many an hour of hacking, and it came from this StackOverflow thread, where an individual stated: You can output the […]

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A different view of Google

From this reddit thread we have this dirt on G: They stole search from RankDex, gmail was in beta for 8 years and the search still sucks balls, google maps is allright, android was acquired by them and is still in beta (not officially, but have you seen the problems they’re having?), chrome started out […]

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If you cannot install wordpress themes because you get the error “installation failed unable to create directory”, help is on the way

I just unpacked a fresh install of WordPress 5.2.1… at first I could not upload themes. But this was fixed by chmod 777 wp-content/uploads. Then the themes installed via ftp would installed, giving me the error “could not create directory”. I fixed it by doing this: Just login to your webserver. Then change directory to […]

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HTML is a data structure

From reddit user remy porter in the thread “Is Separating HTML and JavaScript Harmful? ” we have: The problem is that most frameworks misunderstand what HTML is. HTML is a data structure. Specifically, it’s a semantic data-structure for holding human-readable information. It is the backing-store of a presentation layer, it is not, itself the presentation. CSS […]

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scala book pdfs

When I wanted to learn Scala, my first steps were to get Scala, SBT and Intellij IDEA installed. And then I needed to get IntelliJ IDEA to know about my locations for scala, scalac, and sbt. The next step was to find some offline resources, so I could learn on the train. Here are enough […]

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Avoid MySQL – especially with Django

This tells why.

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Querying Tree Structures in SQLite

Excellent summary.  

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