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AMERICA means no mercy for sheep

“A” = no in Latin MERI = mercy in Latin “CA” = sheep in Latin

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Underlining a phrase turns it into a fact if you define it in a dictionary to go along with the contract document port vessel.

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The Full Colon

The full-colon stands in front of a fact and is used in place of a (pre)positional phrase. I.E. For the Abe = : Abe, For the Drama-Llama = : Drama-Lama. Source.

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SOLVED: AttributeError: ‘_thread._local’ object has no attribute ‘_pydal_connection_140103876850296_30686’

I have been using web2py’s pyDAL with no problem for a long time. However, recently I started getting the error mentioned in the title and this stacktrace. I googled about and for some reason a certain pyDAL thread came up. And in one of the comments I saw some code which forced a reconnect. So I […]

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`git clone` works on GitHub but not GitLab or BitBucket!

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How to forward email from your VPS to an external email provider

I use Linode to host my domains. I had a need to have an official looking email, and found this post by Jesse Lau. However he is missing a crucial line which I found in this Linode forum post: virtual_alias_domains = So the entire correct recipe is: Install postfix apt-get update apt-get upgrade apt-get […]

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Haxe for Windows download

If you’re stuck at work and is blocked “for your security”, then this download is for you my friend!.  

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Push-style templating systems catalog

Terence Parr wrote a seminal article entitled “Enforcing Strict Model View Separation in Template Engines”. In this article he states: The mantra of every experienced web application developer is the same: thou shalt separate business logic from display. Ironically, almost all template engines allow violation of this separation principle, which is the very impetus for HTML […]

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Solved: “Unpacking the package… Could not create directory.” wordpress error

I ran into this beauty with my latest attempt to install a WordPress theme: Unpacking the package… Could not create directory. After a brief “wtf?!” and nothing in the Apache error log or a quick search, I did the following from the root of my wordpress install to save the day: mkdir wp-content/upload chmod 777 […]

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The necessary zend_extension line could not be found in the configuration.

Part Zero of this puzzle: You cannot simply copy 00-ioncube.ini to the directory they tell you to. You must symlink it from /etc/php5/mods-available into /etc/php5/fpm/conf.d  Part One The first part of this puzzle has been solved after many an hour of hacking, and it came from this StackOverflow thread, where an individual stated: You can output the […]

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